10 Most Anticipated Games of 2016 Yet to Come


We’re over one third through 2016, and gamers have already been enjoying some big releases that have not disappointed. With even more releases lined up for 2016, you won’t be disappointed with this list that gathered of what they think will be the top ten games of the year.

10. Call of Duty 2016


Gamers don’t quite know what will be happening with the new COD release. Will it be set it in space? Will they use dedicated servers? We’re also waiting in anticipation to see this new version that is bound to be another huge seller.

9. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst



The sequel to Mirror’s Edge will bring with it the return of Faith. This visually appealing, parkour-style game will make you feel like you’re wall-running along with the characters. Could it be even better than the original? The multiplayer format might be too much for us!

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