11 Awesome Video Games Nobody Played


If there is one thing about the video game market that everyone can agree on, it is oversaturated. While it is good that there is a steady stream of games being released that will fit the tastes of every kind of player, they are coming out so often that some of the best games find themselves flying under the radar. Whether it is a failure of marketing or bad timing, their lack of ability to move copies off of the shelves hurt the long-term growth of their franchises and developers as a whole. Here is a list of 11 games that were really great but failed commercially.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


When you combine lore and a setting designed by fantasy legend R.A. Salvatore with art designed by the legendary comic creator and artist Todd McFarlane, you probably assume you will have a successful game. Add those elements to a massive game world filled to the brim with quests, for content that offered 200-hours of gameplay to gamers. Despite all of these awesome features, the game failed to break even. Having sold only 1.2 million copies by the 90-day mark, Kingdoms of Amalur fell short of its target of 3 million that would be required make back the money it cost to create. After the disappointing release, Curt Schilling’s 38 studios was forced to file for bankruptcy and shut its doors permanently.


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