5 Hidden Skyrim Minibosses That You Probably Missed!


Skyrim has been around for a long while now but with a world so massive, it should come as no surprise that there are still things most players won’t have discovered yet. For example, there are several hidden ‘minibosses’ in the game that are very difficult to encounter unless you know precisely where to find them or are willing to put in a ton of time. Here are five of the most interesting taken from a recent Reddit post…

The Ebony Warrior


The Ebony Warrior was once pretty much unknown but has since gained infamy owing to the incredible effort required to encounter him. First, the Dragonborn needs to hit level 80, at which point the Ebony Warrior will seek you out and start the quest. The goal of the quest is to defeat him but many claim he is among the very most challenging bosses in the game. It’s worth doing though as you can loot his armor and weapons once you’ve taken him out.

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