5 Ideas for the Next Battlefield Game


The Battlefield franchise has always been strong, but this year it rose to new heights of excellence (and addictiveness) thanks to the solid launch of the WWI-themed Battlefield 1. So this raises the obvious question: What will the DICE team do next? It probably won’t be another WWI game considering that BF1 is the definitive WWI game—so here are a few ideas!

1. Battlefield 1944


We haven’t seen a major release FPS game set in WWII since 2008, and everyone these days is longing for another trip back in time. Considering what an amazing job DICE has done with WWI, we can only imagine what they could do with all the weapons, vehicles and gadgets of WWII. Frostbite 3 could really bring the dramatic events of history to life. So it seems like there is a good chance this could actually happen.


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