6 Horror Videogames That Will Make You Scream Like A Baby


Video games definitely can be just as scary as a horror movie. Some of these video games can have some similarities with a horror film. However, there is a very important difference. You get to be a part of the action. This can make horror video games even scarier than watching a horror movie, because they are so strongly interactive.

There are a lot of scary video games, but these six are certainly some of the scariest you’ll find. These games can really send a chill up your spine, and they are very much known for giving scares at very unpredictable times. Furthermore, these games have really become quite popular these days. It’s probably best not to play them too late at night, or they might keep you from being able to get to sleep. However, they really can be a lot of fun, if you enjoy a good scare.

6. Dead Space


Dead Space is known for being quite the scary game. The game takes place aboard a spacecraft, called Ishimura. This spaceship was abandoned, but it began calling for assistance on it’s own. An engineer, called Issac Clark, goes to the craft to see what’s going on. Onboard the spaceship, some really frightening things take place. A form of other-worldly ghosts begin taking over the spaceship. Issac Clark is forced to fight these evil entities by himself, using only the tools he brought to fix the spaceship.


Playing this game is really quite creepy, to say the very least. There are many strange sounds and very creepy occurrences aboard the spacecraft.

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