7 Reasons To Buy An Xbox One S Instead Of A PS4 Pro


We’re heading into the holiday sales season, and as you know, we have new consoles to choose from.  Xbox One S is already available, and PlayStation 4 Pro is scheduled for a November 10th release.  There was a time when Sony was way ahead of the game, but Microsoft is catching up fast in the console war.  Which of these two consoles makes the better buy this year?  Let’s compare the specs.  As you will see, Xbox One S comes out on top as the clear winner.


7. Ultra-HD Blu-Ray


PS4 is packing more power in terms of its graphics chip and processor, but it is totally missing a 4K Blu-Ray player.  Xbox One S has one built in.  Considering that Ultra HD televisions these days display 4K resolution, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to not have an Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player.  Sony really missed the boat on this one.

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