7 Videogame Easter Eggs the Devs Never Meant for You to Find

For the most part, Easter eggs in videogames are hidden with the express purpose of being discovered.  These little inside jokes pay homage to the people, games, and pop culture phenomena that developers enjoy.  Finding them is generally a joy, and sharing them even more so.

But sometimes the developers don’t want you to find their Easter eggs.  They are incredibly well hidden to the point where it sometimes takes years for gamers to find them.  Here are 7 videogame Easter eggs that you were never meant to discover!

Masturbation Scene: SiN


SiN was a popular and highly-rated video game which came out in 1998, right around when 3D graphics hit it big.  SiN’s plot revolved around a villain named Elexis Sinclaire who was out to do typical megalomaniac world-destroying things.  As you might guess with a name like that, she was a hypersexualized character (which with the graphics at that time meant she had absurdly pointy boobs).

SiN was well known for featuring a ton of Easter eggs.  Many of these were pretty easy to find.  Some examples included graffiti and hidden rooms.  Eventually, an overly dedicated gamer managed to find a not-so-obvious Easter egg in a hidden security camera feed.  Access the feed and you can watch Elexis getting off in the hot tub, complete with smutty moaning.  It’s half-surprising there wasn’t a porno grind soundtrack to go with it.  The big question is of course … Why??  Who knows.  In any case, this Easter egg may as well have stayed hidden forever.

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