9 Video Games That Killed People In Real Life


Typically, when you think about video game dangers, you think of skilled opponents, overpowered enemies and the occasional game-breaking bug. In reality, the sedentary lifestyle of gaming, coupled with the immense stress related to gaming-based challenges, make the hobby more dangerous than you may have realized. Remaining stationary could lead to blood clots or other physical issues, while prolonged gaming sessions and fatigue could leave players vulnerable to bouts of psychosis. Here are some of the cautionary tales of gamers that pushed themselves too far, or simply let problems get out of hand.

Heart Attacks with Berzerk


Dating back to April of 1982, Berzerk is one of the earliest examples of a video game relating to a real life death. After 18-year old Peter Bukowski had logged a few high scores on the game at a local arcade, he collapsed as a result of a heart attack. Some months later, Video Games Magazine referenced studies that had related physiological reactions to video games as far back as Pong in 1977.

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