Battlefield 1 Early Access Codes Are Being Sent Out … But Some Insiders Are Being Left Out

As you likely know, the Battlefield 1 public beta featuring the Sinai Desert map kicks off tomorrow, August 31st. But as you also may be aware, some players will get to play the game a day early, today. In order to receive early access, you need to have subscribed to the Battlefield Insider program by August 21st.


If you did subscribe, your access code should show up today, and may be in your inbox already. The access codes are being sent out as we speak.

Once you log in using your access code, you will be able to try out both Conquest and Rush on the Sinai Desert map. As of right now, this is the only map announced for the beta, but it is one which offers something for everyone. Try dog-fighting through a canyon, snipe from a rooftop, or throw grenades at tanks from horseback—numerous combat roles and experiences are available.

“Wait a second ,” you may be thinking, “I already checked my email for the access code and I can’t find it. What gives?”

As mentioned in the title of this article, this is, unfortunately, a known issue. The access codes are being sent out—but some Insiders still haven’t received them. Thousands of players are complaining on social media channels, so you’re not alone. The Origin online support team is overloaded with requests; right now there is a 3-hour waiting time to process support tickets.


Gaming site Zero Lives reports EA is advising Insiders who are still waiting on codes to “wait until tomorrow to play the game.” We know—totally lame, right? The problem is unfortunately technical in nature. EA has a system which is used to generate new BF1 keys, and it is malfunctioning. This means they are having a hard time generating new keys for all three platforms (Xbox One, PS4, PC).

Just to make sure you don’t miss your access code if it was sent out:

• Make sure you are checking the same email account you used to subscribe to Battlefield Insider.
• Check your spam filter.

If you didn’t select your platform, that could also explain why you have not yet received your access code.


Even if you are still waiting, don’t give up—check your inbox again later in the day. Hopefully EA will get their act together and fix the problem!