Battlefield 1 getting new map, “Giant’s Shadow” for free in December


EA has a holiday gift for all the Battlefield 1 players out there—a free map!  We still don’t know the exact date, but we do know that the new map will be releasing sometime in December.

We know a little more about it now too.  It’s called “Giant’s Shadow,” and is set in 1918 in the Battle of the Selle.  The behemoth featured in the map is an armoured train, which makes sense considering that the Brits took a railway center during the battle.  The other feature you won’t be able to miss is the airship which has crash-landed, transforming the battlefield into a zone of even more chaos and destruction.  Both infantry and vehicle combat will be featured.


“Giant’s Shadow” will be free to all players.  Don’t have Battlefield 1 yet?  The game has been out for more than two weeks now and has already become a classic.  Buy Battlefield 1 today to play all of the amazing maps featured in EA’s best shooter yet!