Console Wars: PS5 vs. Xbox Two

It really is amazing how fast console technology is moving along these days. It seemed like just yesterday that the PlayStation 4 the Xbox One were introduced on the market. Soon, both will be outmoded by their successors. Both Sony and Microsoft respectively have confirmed the upcoming release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two. Right now, we do not have a lot of detailed information about either, but we can make some predictions about what we can expect from both.


PlayStation 5

If you are a PlayStation 4 owner, then you know that it one of the frustrating aspects of the PS4 is the fact that it cannot meet the technical requirements to deliver 4K resolution graphics. Since 4K is going to be a major part of gaming going forward, Sony will need to place a priority on resolution with the PlayStation 5.

With the advent of Oculus Rift, virtual reality is going to be another huge trend in the gaming world over the coming years. Sony is working hard to compete with that through its own virtual reality system called PlayStation VR, or PSVR for short. Virtual reality is highly demanding on system resources, so another major priority with PlayStation 5 is going to be developing the necessary hardware to keep up. We haven’t heard quite as much from Microsoft pertaining to VR, so it seems probable that Sony is planning on integrating their own PSVR technology directly into their upcoming console.


Videogame streaming has become another major trend over recent years. As such, it is likely that the PlayStation 5 will include some kind of streaming service. It should be easier than ever to download games quickly and conveniently. Whether discs will go away altogether however is very much up in the air, since gamers still like the peace of mind that comes with owning hard copies. To augment streaming and downloading capacity, we can expect that the PlayStation 5 to have an extremely powerful processor as well as a tremendous capacity for storage.

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