DICE confirms a major feature won’t be available in Battlefield 1 at launch


If you were one of 13 million players to participate in the Battlefield 1 beta, you have already had a taste of the action we can expect on October 21st when the game releases. But you may be surprised to find out that not all kit-weapons will be available at launch.

Lars Gustavsson tweeted, “Don’t expect to see all kit-weapons (except sidearms) in #BF1 ‘at least at launch.”

It is hard to interpret exactly what this means. Will the other kit-weapons show up afterwards through an update? Why are they going to be missing from the launch to begin with?



Only time will provide us with answers. We have just around one month left before the release of the game. Be sure to pre-order Battlefield 1 so you can enjoy playing it on October 21st!