DICE Making Improvements To Battlefield 1’s Rent-a-Server Program


DICE has just announced that there are soon going to be quite a few improvements made to Rent-a-Server for Battlefield 1.  Rent-a-Server allows players to rent severs directly through DICE and set up games using customized rules.  As you may know, these servers have not been as flexible as the third party servers that DICE used to rely on in the past.


DICE will be revamping the list format so that it is easier for players to find their favorite servers.  They will also be making the following improvements:

  • Admin Control Panel: A new in-game screen from which admins can manage kicked, banned, and VIP players.
  • Kick/Ban: A new list that will show every player active in the server from which admins can kick or ban them. Banning players will store them in a Ban list that can also be adjusted.
  • VIP Lists: Similar to Ban lists, this list allows admins to make fellow players VIPs which will prioritize them when they are waiting in queue.
  • Password Protected Servers: A feature that will exclude players who don’t know the password. Setting a rented server with a password will make it unranked- meaning active players won’t be able to earn rewards or progress in any way- but all unlockables will be available to the players while in the server.

Additionally, three new game settings will be made available: Whole Magazine Reload, Squad Leader Spawn Only, and Behemoth On/Off Toggle.

More details should be coming soon; DICE still has not announced a date for these changes.  We will let you know the moment there is an update!