Everything we know about the “PS4.5”


No one is aware of the exact release of the rumored PS4.5, but the PS4.5 appears to be a reality. Players have been waiting since 2013 for a new system, and there have been numerous reports that were never substantiated. This article explains how the PS4.5 would release to the public, and all information included comes from reports seeking the truth about the PS4.5 and its future.

No One Knows What It Is


The PS4.5 is a rumor that has no real facts attached to it. Reporters have attempted to figure out what the PS4.5 will do, and they have not been able to ascertain what it will include. The technology upgrades are apparent, but no one knows how far the technology upgrades will go. Some technology upgrades could be minute, but it is possible that the PS4.5 will include improved graphics at a level that no one could even imagine.

The Mysterious 4K


4K resolution is a brand new technology that has only been used a few times with broadcasts on satellite networks, but a 4K gaming system could be so impressive that every other gaming system will have to keep up. Getting in front of the industry will help the PS4.5 lead the way with further upgrades. No one can say that the PS4.5 will lead the industry, but they may have figured out the elusive 4K resolution that would make the PS4.5 the clearest gaming system in the world.

The Trouble With 4K Games

Creating 4K games would be even more difficult than creating a 4K console, but it is possible that Panasonic is looking at that for the future. The future of the PS4.5 could be a new console that follows it, and that console may be the 4K device everyone is looking for. The PS4.5 could be an experiment for a future device, and the future device could be so groundbreaking that no one will be able to follow it up until there is a resolution more powerful than 4K.

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