Gamer figures out how much the full Battlefield 1 game costs and it’s outrageous


There is no denying that video gaming technology has evolved at an incredible pace over the past few years—but it seems like we have to pay for that in a big (and literal) way.  Video games are becoming more and more expensive.  And the problem is not just that the base purchase costs more—it is that there is now an abundance of DLC which you have to pay more for later in the year.

The problem is that DLC is no longer really “optional”—just something cool and extra for hardcore fans of a game.  The DLC is more often than not actually necessary.  The original release of the game which you initially pay for is rather bare-bones, and you need the DLC to really get something out of the experience.


Take Battlefield 1.  The base price for the game is $70.  That is expensive, but not absurd.  The problem is that if you start adding up the costs for all the extensions, that amount quickly balloons.  The final (and real) price tag?  It is closer to $120.  Ouch.  It gets even worse if you want the Collector’s Edition.  This comes with a deck of playing cards, a 14-inch statue, a messenger pigeon tube, a cloth poster, and some exclusive DLC.  Also included are a Deluxe Edition copy of the game and an exclusive patch.  The price for all of this?  $220.

Sadly, there was a time when DICE was trying to avoid this.  Six years ago, Patrick Back, senior producer, said, “We don’t ever want to charge for our maps and insisted to EA that this attitude was crucial when it came to keeping our community happy and playing together.”


… How times have changed.  DICE certainly has gone back on their word.  It seems like this attitude is becoming ubiquitous in the gaming industry.  Hopefully this changes soon, but don’t hold your breath.


Battlefield 1 releases October 21st; be sure to pre-order Battlefield 1 so you can play the game on release day and enjoy exclusive bonuses.  This is definitely the best value and a great way to get more for your money!