Gamer Mistakes Cardboard Box For Xbox One, Buys It For $175


The problem with online scams is that con artists can get away with a lot on the principle “let the buyer beware.”  If you don’t look closely at online listings for products, that is nobody’s fault in theory but yours.


One gamer who was shopping for an Xbox One got seriously scammed on Ebay when he started bidding on this listing:

ebay com 2

Ouch … this guy won his bid for an “Xbox one box” for £175.  He paid the price and received the box in the mail … and that was it.  No console, no accessories, nothing—nothing but an empty box.  That was of course what he technically paid for.  It was exactly what the listing title said.  And of course you’ll notice what else it said: “No returns accepted.”

Here’s hoping that seller eventually gets banned.