GTA V Made In Pokemon Style Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

Two of the most iconic games of all time have come together and created a new dimension for gamers. Grand Theft Auto is an all-time favorite and Pokemon is a classic for many kids. Not many people would have put those two video games together. Certainly few people could have come up with a video that combines the best of both. So put them together and you have an amazing combination.

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The unique experience of mixing these two video games together is the brainchild of the Hat-Loving Gamer on his YouTube channel. These two well-loved games come together in his new video for fans of both. The classic car-jacking video game is re-done in the Pokemon style with the familiar characters and is a work of a master who knows how to entertain and delight his audience. This is not the first combination that Hat-Loving Gamer has brought the world and I doubt it will be the last.


The video is seven minutes of pure talent and has plenty to offer to fans of both games. If you love the combination of these two together, then you are in for a special treat.

Think of the character Pikachu in the Grand Theft Auto world and it will put a whole new spin on your favorite video game.

If you watch this video and like what you see, then visit the Hat-Loving Gamer’s video channel for more of the same as he has been combining games for a while now for your pleasure.