Here’s why Battlefield 1’s Dogfighting is the game’s most incredible feature


Of all the amazing features of Battlefield 1, perhaps the most realistic and jaw-dropping is the chance to participate in aerial dogfights with lifelike physics.

Check out this awesome video, featuring dogfighting in the mission Friends in High Places: Fall From Grace.  The biplane seats a pilot, responsible for maneuvering the vehicle, and a gunner, whose machine gun mount can be swiveled 360 degrees.

You will notice that the missiles do not lock, because that technology did not exist yet.  Barrages work best (since aiming is tough).

If you take damage in-flight, you can actually do repairs without even touching the ground, thanks to a single hex wrench.


What is truly remarkable is how you can feel the drag and heft of the biplane as you are maneuvering it; planes in WWI were not all that powerful since the technology was new, and there are times you can actually feel the plane working to keep you aloft.

There has never been another experience like this in video gaming.  You get so immersed in the aerial combat experience that you actually get dizzy when you pull back from the monitor.

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