How Will Horses Work in Battlefield 1 Multiplayer?

By now, hopefully you have seen the brand new Battlefield 1 trailer which was unveiled at Gamescom 2016:

The trailer features desert warfare with a strong focus on the role of the cavalry.  The addition of horses to the Battlefield franchise for the first time ever is particularly exciting because as DICE explains, “World War I saw the old world violently clash with the new. What better way to show that off than pitting tanks and airplanes against fierce horses?”


But what will that actually be like from a gaming perspective?

At the above link, you can read a blog post on the topic, straight from the developers over at DICE.  Here are some of the key points:

  • Horses obviously lack the resilience of a tank, but they have top-notch speed and agility.
  • You will be able to fire rifles at mid-range from horseback (one wonders how challenging it will be to achieve a precise and accurate aim).
  • Horses will be very useful in close quarters.  You will be able to slash down at your enemies with a saber, and your mount will also be an active participant in your combat.  Horses will be able to trample enemies under their hooves.
  • You will be able to attack slow-moving armored vehicles on horseback quite effectively.  On your fast and agile mount, you can ride in circles around a tank for example and throw grenades.
  • You can utilize your horse’s saddlebags to carry ammunition and bandages.  You can use these for yourself, or you can ride out and deliver them to teammates in need.
  • Your horse will have a lot more health than you, but it is possible for your mount to be wounded or killed.
  • If you jump onto a horse, you’ll find yourself equipped with useful weapons.
  • You can dismount at any time to fight on foot.
  • Your horse may wander—or even be stolen from you if you aren’t on it and aren’t paying attention.
  • Horses will actually be mindful of their own survival, deliberately avoiding situations which are likely to result in their own death.  They may even attempt to communicate danger to you.


Seriously, all of this sounds ridiculously awesome.  Not only is this a huge leap forward for the Battlefield games, but this may be the most realistic horseback experience ever rendered for a videogame.  It will be incredible to see how it plays out!  Battlefield 1 releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC on October 21st.  Don’t forget to pre-order, and be sure to sign up for the public beta which launches on August 31st!