Leaked: Modern Warfare Remaster Will Be Included with Next Call Of Duty


For you Call of Duty faithful, you are probably slavering and slobbering, waiting for the next title to come out. Do you want to know what it is? Of course you do!

A leak has revealed that the title of the next COD game could be Infinite Warfare. This is not a definite, but it is certainly possible. There is also information that suggests that a Modern Warfare Remastered version is coming along with it.


All of this excitement appears to stem from an image leaked online. It is of a box art. The box art says something about a special legacy version of the game and that it also contains Modern Warfare Remastered.


The release date shown on the leaked image if for 11/4/16. The possibility that this is more truth than speculation comes from the fact that the new titles for COD are announced by Activision around this time. Infinity Ward has been named as the developer, which further solidifies the possibility of these upcoming releases being the real deal.

Sony’s press conference at E3 will provide true confirmation of the next COD title. A playable demo is sure to make an appearance when all of this goes down. Until then, it is all rumors and speculations.


The possibility of a remastered Modern Warfare is one that is sought after by fans, since Modern Warfare is above the most well-liked title in the entire series. Fans have been wanting a remastered HD version for some time, and this could be the very thing they have been clamoring for.


Only time will tell for sure whether this leak turns out to be true, or if it is just a mean hoax perpetrated by a thoughtless cur. Rabid COD fans certainly hope the truth comes in a dual package of a new COD title plus a remastered Modern Warfare.