Overwatch Player Savagely Trolls Rivals Demanding him not to play as this Character


If you’re an avid Overwatch player, you probably had problems agreeing with other players about the characters you choose. It is a common thing that discussions about who’s going to play, which character in the Overwatch community become fierce debates. A proof for that comes from a YouTuber called Videogamedunkey, who had other players trying to prevent him from playing certain Overwatch characters.


As you can see in his video, the player did just the opposite of what other Overwatchers were expecting – he choose his favorite character and did extremely well with it. The video shows that the best way of making the online grumps shut up is following your instincts.


In the particular video, you can see that other Overwatch players are rather cynically telling Videogamedunkey not to play. But as the video clip progresses, you will see that Videogamedunkey is not as bad as everyone though. In fact, he’s much better than the rest of them. Watch the video below.

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