PS5 vs. Xbox 2: What to Expect

The console market is dominated by three brand names: PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.  Out of the three, Nintendo has long been lagging about a generation behind.  It is Sony and Microsoft that are continually vying for dominance.  With every generation of consoles, we see new developments in technology and services as both companies struggle to win the upper hand.

So here is the big question that is on everyone’s minds.  What can we expect from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two? Surprisingly, there is a great deal we can already answer given the tracks the two companies are currently on.

PlayStation:  Instant Downloads, Massive Games, and Virtual Reality


PlayStation has been ahead of the game in terms of technology for some time now, and that is a trend which is only going to continue into the next generation.  We can expect PlayStation 5 to be powered by an astounding processor which will be capable of delivering a rich gaming experience unlike anything on the market today.

PlayStation 5 will also have a huge hard drive—it could hold as much as 25 TB of data.  That is enough to easily hold even the most massive open-world videogames.  With physical discs quickly heading toward obsolesce (as much as gamers wish they wouldn’t), this feature will be nothing short of necessary in a world of instant downloads.

By the time PS5 is available, we will also have Light Peak optics technology.  With Light Peak, it will be possible to download up to 100 GB of data per second.  That means even huge games will be almost instantly playable.

The other big technology on the horizon is of course virtual reality.  With Oculus Rift leading the way, Sony is getting in on the action by developing its own VR headset.  It is easy to see how lightning-fast instant downloads, huge hard drives, powerful processors, and VR can all be combined to offer a totally immersive gaming experience.  With Sony bringing game like that to the table, Microsoft is going to have to fight hard to keep up.


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