The 10 best hidden trophies in Uncharted 4


While Uncharted 4 features all of the standard challenge-based trophies you have come to expect, the game has also hidden a number of hidden trophies for players to uncover throughout the game. Though some of the trophies are little more than Easter eggs and inside jokes, others are cool little flavor moments that will have Uncharted nerds geeking out around their living room. Here are a few of the coolest hidden trophies, with some tips on how you can collect them.

Relic Finder: The Strange Relics


Naughty Dog’s customary nod to Jak and Daxter is hidden throughout Uncharted 4’s collectible treasure, when the player discovers a Strange Relic, or a Precursor Orb from Jak and Daxter, in the game. The references are not limited to Jak and Daxter, as references to The Last of Us and Crash Bandicoot also appear throughout the game. If the player collects all three, they will unlock the Relic Finder trophy.

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