The 15 Most Tedious Things Players Have Done in Video Games


While most people believe play video games to have fun, a good portion of gamers have fallen into the trap of grinding through their games for a variety of reasons. Games have a tendency to fall into a tedious area where players find themselves more obligated to carry out a task to complete a goal, rather than to play the game because they are enjoying it. Here is a list of the 15 most tedious things you have likely done in your gaming time.

1: Raiding For Loot


Though some players may still believe that raiding is fun, they are more than likely the sort of person who really enjoys a good day of hard work. Many have likened raiding to having a part-time job with no salary. The only two things players will get from raiding is frustration and if they are lucky, some of the loot they have been chasing.

2: Farming Materials


Originally popular in the MMORPG and RPG genres, crafting has found its way into a number of other gaming genres. The good news is that this means a lot of players from different games have access to a diverse set of gear and weaponry, the bad news is that those players now have to farm to find the materials they need to craft with. Ask a Division player how much they enjoy farming “Division Tech” in the Dark Zone and brace for a rant.

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