The 7 Most Mentally Unstable Videogame Characters Ever

In real life, psychological instability is generally something you want to avoid.  But for some reason, in video gaming, it is endlessly entertaining.  Whether you’re playing a crazy protagonist or you’re fighting an insane adversary, there is something cathartic about being able to step outside of your everyday experience or role.  So who are the 7 most crazy video game characters ever?  It’s a tough call (let’s face it, there are a lot of contenders), but here are our picks.

7. The Psychos: Borderlands Franchise


To be fair, pretty much everyone in the Borderlands franchise is loony.  Take Tiny Tina for example.  She’s thirteen years old, but she’s already a demolitions genius.  She easily could have made this list, but somehow the Psychos just seem more … well, psycho.

They aren’t the most challenging enemies that you’ll face in Borderlands, and they’re not even the most interesting, but they are pretty hilarious.  They are completely berserk when they charge you, and the lines that they shout make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  Consider the following gems:

“Bring me a bucket, and I’ll show you a bucket!”

“I’ m gonna beat you to life!”

“I’m gonna floss with your spine!”

“I need another head for my merry-go-round; yours is perfect!”

“You smell like my little girl!”

 And if you’re really lucky, you might even run into one delivering an entire passage form Hamlet.  These guys are endlessly entertaining; you never know what they’re going to say!


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