The 8 Best Video Games That Take Place During World War II


WWII was thee most widespread and deadliest war in our history. What gamer could forget the scenes of the all inspiring, storming the beaches at Normandy or sneaking through the Guadalcanal jungles. For many young people who play the WWII games it gives them a chance to see and interact with history. Especially the first person games, they give you an actual perspective of how it felt to be there.

Here are some of the best video games that depict WWII. There are many different types of games. Some of the games available go accurately to the historical events as the war happened, while some of the games like to re-write history. While other games just touch base on the more well known pieces of history, not digging to deep into one way or another.

Wolfenstien 3D


A PC game from the 90’s that really paved the way for run-and-gun type games. Created by Romero, Carmack, Hall, id software team, it was a huge success, that consumers loved to play. When Wolfenstein 3D broke the sales record for shareware at the current time. Wolfenstein 3D helped define a genre in the gaming world and also showed the world Shareware was a viable business. Wolfenstein franchise still continues to put out great games, even all this time later.

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