The Last of Us Scenario is Possible in Real Life, Scientists Claim


Since it was released in 2013, Sony’s The Last of Us became one of the most popular video games ever. In fact, its legendary status is confirmed by the fact that three years after the initial release, the game is still considered the best by a huge number of players. That’s why it won’t be a surprise if Sony decides to release a 4K resolution version of the game for the PS4 pro. That would bring the game an even bigger “reality” feel.

Speaking of how real the game was, it’s not all about the graphics, but also about its narrative. That is what inspired some scientists to do a bit of research on the matter and discuss how plausible that scenario really is.


Welcome Trust is a charity organization that organized the “Outbreak Day” manifestations, which gathered a number of scientists in order to discuss the game’s storyline. Their goal was to see whether such a massive outbreak was possible in the real life.

Although, the researchers agree that the panic that would happen after the outbreak is probably, they don’t feel that a fungal infection of an apocalyptic scale can ever happen. As the sequel of the game is in the plans of the developers, we can hope for an even more realistic story.