Ubisoft reveals when the Assassin’s Creed game will be announced


It seems that Ubisoft, the development company behind the Assassin’s Creed titles, has learned a valuable lesson after the most recent game in the series was a total flop, after experiencing a wide-range of game bugs.

Fans were concerned that the whole series would soon become a disaster after the developers announced that they would be releasing one game a year. This short turnaround time for the new games means that gamers could potentially be buying an incomplete game, just like the last one.


Ubisoft seems to have taken on this feedback, as in a recent statement, they announced that they would not be sticking to the one game a year schedule that they had previously set, as they “Want to bring back a greater experience” by “Changing their business model”.

This has gone down a storm with Assassin’s Creed fans, who are hopeful that they will be able to enjoy the fantastic games that the series is known for once again.


Fans are now expecting the game to be released in late 2017, with a possible announcement in the next few months.